Crane Street Capital focuses predominantly on growth-oriented buyouts in education services with a secondary focus on select impactful asset-light services. Our goal is to drive outstanding returns while making a positive impact to our communities.

We believe that our disciplined, focused approach in education services enables us to proactively identify attractive investment opportunities and develop close relationships with key industry executives. This approach also enables Crane Street Capital to contribute meaningfully as an owner and ongoing partner.
Crane Street Capital forms collaborative partnerships with premier management teams to help their businesses achieve extraordinary success over long time horizons. We patiently drive value and impact primarily through achieving lasting business top-line and bottom-line growth.
In each investment, we closely align our incentives with those of our managers, ensuring our efforts are directed toward a common goal. Our network of executive partners provides an excellent resource as we work to develop and implement promising growth initiatives. Our experience, focus and network make us an ideal capital partner.